Luxury Car Rental Tips

Luxury car rental is your best bet when you want to make a statement as you attend a wedding, corporate event or awards ceremony. Most people do not know what they should look out for when renting luxury cars. Below is a guide to luxury car rental. 

Choosing A Car

You will find many luxury car brands on hire. So, how do you select an appropriate model? First, assess the ease of driving the car. Vehicles with sophisticated controls that you have not used in the past could stall in the middle of the road. You should also consider practical things like the size of the fuel tank and the vehicle's fuel consumption — especially if you are travelling long distance.

Luxury cars are comfortable. However, extra features such as open roofs, on-board refrigerators and camping amenities, car seat massagers and adequate legroom could set one model apart from the other. If you are travelling with people, check the vehicles seating capacity to make sure everyone will stay comfortable throughout the drive. 

Choosing A Luxury Car Rental Company

Internet reviews are a sure way to determine which companies offer quality services. People that rent luxury cars are considered VIPs; therefore, the car rental company should treat you as such. For instance, they should have a friendly customer care department. Some companies will go the extra mile to offer complimentary and discounted services to ensure you have a once in a lifetime experience. For example, the company could provide a chauffeur and throw in a bottle of champagne or two. Some companies will organise an all-access pass to major clubs and tourist destinations. 

Visit the company's premises and assess the condition of the luxury car. It must be clean and in perfect mechanical condition.

Assess The Terms And Pricing

What are the terms of a luxury car rental? Most companies will give you specific instructions on how to drive or operate the car. For instance, they could prohibit you from exceeding certain speeds. Some companies could restrict you from leaving a specified geographical region. Make sure these limits fit into your plans.

Inquire what would happen if the vehicle broke down. Most companies will deploy their mechanics and provide alternative means of transport but it's good to know so you can be prepared. Ask the company to break down the rental charges. It will help you understand extra and hidden fees. For instance, you may have to pay for insurance and a cleaning fee.

When renting a luxury car, decide on an appropriate vehicle, consider reputable rental companies and examine the terms and rental pricing. To rent a car, contact a company like Mbs Luxury Cars.

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